Main Field: Arts and Humanities

Sub-Field: Visual Arts and Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts: Islamic Art, Fine Art, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, New Media Art, Time Based Media Art, Installation Art, Ceramic Art, Fashion Design, Textile Art, Jewellery Art, Product Design, Industrial Design, Visual and Cultural Studies, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Photography, Art History, Photography Journalism and Others.
  • Performing Arts: Music, Music Composition, Conservatory of Music, Music Performance, Music Business, Digital Audio Production, Dance, Drama, Coreography, Script Writing, Film and others.

Sub-Field: Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous)

  • Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous): Languages, Linguistics, Philosophical, Archeology, Education, and Religious Studies and other related field. Not limited to the above sub-fields (but still within the arts and humanities)