We are extremely excited to announce our IDEALOGY JOURNAL, Journal of Arts and Social Science for its 6th volume and 1st issue. The journal allows academicians to publish interventions and viewpoints on arts and social sciences field that are interest to the academic community and are likely to spark a vibrant discussion among the journal's readers about various perspectives. The close relationship with Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and other countries has been invested. As a result of which, we received outstanding quality papers of research.

Contemporary research questions in arts and social sciences have been a great strength of the journal. Thus, we believe this is the best place for these five researchers to share their thought with us through their writing.  We appreciate it and look forward to continuing to be your platform for submitting your research paper. We welcome submissions from researchers with a variety of theoretical and analytical methods, including detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis, in the broad field of art and social sciences.

The first paper in this issue investigates the effects of patterns and types of communications on husband and wife self- esteemed, focusing on a case study among local authorities in Johor Bharu, Malaysia. The results reveal that the communication patterns of spouses have played a role in the significant integrity. Surprisingly, the findings of the study show that contact patterns, rather than communication styles, have a substantial impact on husband and wife esteem. Spouses can overcome the inevitable issues that exist in their relationship through communication.

Next, the second issue explores the effect of Colonial architecture on local culture through glass sculpture. The approaches use to observe the design are critical self-reflection and workshop experimentation. According to the findings of the investigation, adaptation style, eclectic, and art deco are three architectural styles that inspired commercial buildings and shop house.

The third paper of this issue entitled ‘Studio project on the sculpture entitled retrospection and prodigy series. This article discusses the process of sculpture that applies via the studio-based research method of which the study has integrated data investigation, progression of idea, fabrication of artwork and art criticism. Furthermore, to incorporate the critical issue in the sculpture, the studio project investigated the sculptor’s centre of discussion that has been used in the phenomenological study approach.

The fourth paper of this issue discovers printmaking techniques that focuses on incising metal surfaces such as copper, steel or zinc plate. By using intaglio technique in producing printmaking artworks, that includes etching, dry point or even mezzotint approach, the only thing that matters is the development of form through the understanding of lights and dark which leads to the exploration of value in art and design.

The final paper addresses how technological innovation has revolutionized the education landscape, resulting in the introduction of Online Distance Learning (ODL) at the tertiary level to meet the demands of different groups of individuals. This article described how Online Distance Learning (ODL) was implemented in the teaching and learning (T & L) process of the Graphic Design Field at a Malaysian Tertiary Institution. The findings revealed the challenges and how it can be used to enhance the implementation of ODL in the relevant field of study in the future.

As we were aware at the first issue, a journal needs commitment, not only from editors but also from editorial boards and the contributors. Without the support of our editorial boards we would not dare to start and continue. Special thanks, also, go to the contributors of the journal for their trust, patience and timely revisions. We continue welcome article submissions in all fields of arts and social sciences.  

Editorial Board

Associate Professor Dr Muhamad Abdul Aziz Ab Gani

Mr. Mohammad Hafiz Yahaya,

Mrs. Nurul Shima Taharuddin,

Mrs. Haslinda Md Nazri,

Mr. Muhammad Redza Rosman,

Mr. Ishak Ramli,

Mr. Nizar Nazrin,

Mr. Asrul Nizuan Ariffin



We are delighted to present the sixth volume of this scholarly publication, Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. This journal covers a wide range of arts and social science topics, from theoretical aspects to application-dependent studies and the validation of new technologies in the arts. This journal is created to serve the growing needs of arts and social science as an evolving and critical field. It aims to become a voice of the arts and social science community, addressing researchers and practitioners in fields ranging from arts to applied arts, from design to technology in design, from humanity to social science, presenting verifiable arts methods, findings, and solutions.

We hope the readers are making frequent use of this valuable resource and are finding it helpful in their art and design practice. We hope that this journal serves to stimulate a robust understanding of art and design as well as social sciences with the long-term aim of improving the community. The Journal is intended as a forum for practitioners and researchers to share arts techniques and solutions in the area, to identify new issues and to shape future directions for research. We believe that high-quality research conducted concurrently with arts transactions can disseminate many opportunities, including the facilitation of theoretical foundations and the application of the arts to everyday life in the masses.


Associate Professor Dr Muhamad Abdul Aziz Ab Gani

Chief Editor

Published: 2021-04-28

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